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Restaurants and Bars Become Shuls

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Back in July we had a gym declare itself, or rebrand itself, as a shul of sorts in order to circumvent that CoronaVirus regulations of the time that allowed shuls to remain in operation but had gyms shut down.
According to TOI, restaurants and bars in Tel Aviv are now doing the same. According to the report the two establishments that have done this so far seem to be doing it out of protest with no plan to actually break the rules, that could change at any point in the future. Especially if it picks up steam and more establishments join the cause, each with its own agenda and energy.
The owners complain about the nonsensical rules that shuls can have a  hundred or more people in them, depending on the size, while his restaurant large enough to hold 300 people cannot even be open at 10% capacity and host 30 people. Supermarkets can be full and Mahane Yehuda Shuk can remain open but his restaurant can't??
He isn't wrong in theory, but this is something that can really spiral out of control. the rules make no sense. I see online that many many many people have no interest in this and no plans to be careful about the rules, because nobody really understands them and they don't follow any sense of logic
This sounds like some version of Mashiach, with bars converting to shuls, at least in name...
I also wonder if they will qualify for the credit on the arnona tax and the discounted water that shuls get....
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