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Responses of Learners as They Learn Italian Language Through Podcasts

By Tlb
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Have you tried to learn Italian language through the use of podcasts and other multimedia techniques?

Well, there are indeed numerous things we can name when it comes to learning languages through media. We have movies, TV series, and even downloadable podcasts as examples. Some people just prefer learning Italian while jogging or driving their car. They’re not just close to the idea that language schools are the only means to acquire language learning you know.

But how reliable is it really if learners prefer the podcasts as a source for Italian language learning? Well, here are some of its testimonies.

A person named Jerry from Canada I just returned from Italy and was very thankful for such opportunity to learn. Of course, Italy was absolutely wonderful and the podcasts made the learning easier. “Everything from car rental, to market purchases to dining out and making new friends was a snap!” Jerry exclaimed.

Another person named L.L. has been so thankful with the podcasts because it has been very useful for both her and his family. Her husband is from Italy which parents don’t speak English. Too often, they have communication problems when they go to her husband’s parent’s place. Right now, they don’t have language barriers anymore. “I was able to understand so much more than ever before, and even contribute to the conversation a little myself!” She said.

Another person named J.R. was personally very thankful for the podcasts. She was a second generation New York American/Italian, and her grandparents loved to the USA and learned the English language right away. Even if her family is traditionally a native from Italian customs, J.R. never get the opportunity to learn the language. But now, she and her son we’re learning Italian together.

“Hi! I’m a student (I’m 15 years old), and I’ve been listening to podcast and studying Italian for the last 3 months; it’s the reason that I have received a scholarship to go to Italy this summer.”  This was a testimony taken from Jenny.

So what are you waiting for? Go for podcasts if you really want to prove these testimonies true.

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