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By Ballerinablogger
Julie: My nails have been peeling lately so I really need to fix it! Any other suggestions except for the polish idea? Thanks* Have a fab day/night!
Ballerinablogger: Your nails are peeling? Ouch! My fingernails peel but never my toe nails. It sounds like using a nail strengthening polish is really the best option. I've heard that lemon juice can also strengthen nails but that may just be a rumor. Give it a try! :) Hope it helps!
Sofia: do you want to become a professional ballerina?
Ballerinablogger: Well Sofia, I would very much like to be, yes. I'm still fifteen so we'll see where my dancing will take me :)
Alright guys, we're running a bit low on requests! What would you like to know? If you left a request in a comment and I haven't written back already then I may not have gotten the e-mail linking to the comment. Please let me know what you ballerinas out there need help with/would like to talk about! :)
Ballerinablogger ~

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