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RESPONDblog: An Eclipse Within a Finely Tuned Universe

By Stuart_gray @stuartg__uk

I was sitting watching the solar eclipse this morning on the TV…cos it was so cloudy in Gloucester…Rebecca, Naomi and I couldn’t see a thing in the sky!

As we hit the Totality of the eclipse…and the temperature suddenly dropped in my sitting room…I was hit by how much we take the functioning of our solar system for granted. The Sun just is, our experience of it is just treated like an absolute. We’ve always had the advantage of it.

I was also hit by the mathematical inevitability of this event…and all heavenly events. And it strikes me that the movement of countless planets, stars and other heavenly bodies thru our universe…reveal our Universe as a mathematically precise, finely tuned mechanism. And the mechanics of our Universe point towards a designer of our Universe…you can read more about that below.


RESPONDblog: An Eclipse within a Finely Tuned Universe

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