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Respect The Pouch! {Children? Or Evil Geniuses?}

By Thibben @aspieadventures
 Respect The Pouch! {Children? Or Evil Geniuses?}    I love my kids, don't get me wrong, but over the years I have been duped by these little monsters so many times that after this afternoon I'm starting to formulate a hypothesis... Just Children? or EVIL GENIUSES!! Dun Dun Dun!!
   Case In Point:
Mom leaves, as is usually the case when we have what has now come to be called a Dad-astrophe. As I walk through the kitchen after getting everyone fed & full I see a Caprisun Juice Pouch on the floor by the trash can.  Jayden looks at me & says "Daddy! Respect the pouch!" So in true dad fashion I smile & STOMP!!!..... IT WAS FULL!! Strawberry Kiwi all over the place. Did he know it was full?  Did HE put it there & lay in wait for the chump {ME} to stroll by!?! Do I get mad at him? Am I child as well that should act like an adult & then these things wouldn't happen!?!
   Well, on a different note, we made it through Jayden's first week of 3rd grade! So far so good but since school started on Wed. we have really only made it three days but who's counting.  Another year in public school make me want to throw up a little just thinking about it & in our small town in Oklahoma, where last year they told us after we notified them he had Asperger's Syndrome a form of Autism that we would "just need to bring his medicine into the office for that", I am as ready as I think you can be to play the three ring circus that is public school. 
   Today I took the boys to the store so we could pick up a few things.  In the freezer section I could hear Jayden behind me saying "It's Cold, It's Cold, It's Cold, It's Cold" as I looked. When I finally looked over my shoulder at him I pulled out my phone to catch a little of what I saw. This is something I have been trying with my 5 year old, Zion, when he has meltdowns. Zion has GAD & MRELD. Why you ask? Why record these little things? I'm not sure other than maybe showing a friend or you all reading this to get a take on it sometimes. I think that's why alot of parents I've had contact with do it, to show & get input that you kid isn't the only one who does this or has an issue with some things. For the longest time I had no idea other kids would start to randomly twirl their fingers in the air! All of a sudden someone showed me a video of an autistic boy doing it & BAM! "Daddy, I only eat my sandwiches in triangles!" then read a blog or watch a YouTube video & see once again, we aren't the only family dealing with the same thing! Kinda nice sometimes.
Autistic, Aspie, Evil Genius, & So Damn Cute!

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