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Resourceful Celine Mini

By Masfashion

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Skip this paragraph if you are prone to getting light headed— What a night the hubs and I had! In his attempt to surprise me with a delicious dinner he proceeded to slice half of his thumb off. Here is the story– I get a rather calm call from him asking when I would be home because he cut himself and needed some help. Brice never calls for help so I immediately knew it is worse than what he is leading on. After racing home with numerous thoughts of how bad it could be and picturing him passed out on the floor from loss of blood (yes I am dramatic) I finally made it to the scene of the crime. I could not have prepared myself for what I saw. It was a true moment of, “okay, you’re okay. Put any thoughts of woozyness out of your mind and help him out.” After many bandages, trips to the pharmacy, and screams of pain, we made it. As bad as it was it was a total, “ah-ha” moment. Have you ever wondered if you would be strong enough to really be there for someone who was in pain? I have. I have wondered what type of mom I will be since I can’t stand throw-up or blood and often get light-headed at the thought of the latter. But, after last night, I know I can step up to the plate when needed. It was one of the worst experiences to see someone you love so much in an incredible amount of pain, but I was so happy I could be there for him! This incredibly long and horrible story leads me to why I am so late posting. I was totally thrown for a loop last night and instead of putting together my post, I was putting pressure on his thumb.

I now have the morning to myself and am just getting around to my posting! I have been wanting to share this mini version of my new bag, but didn’t know how to debut! Isn’t it just the cutest thing you have ever seen? The bag I bought came with a mini pouch for lipsticks, cellphones, ect. so they are easy to find in such a large bag. To be honest, who cares about putting your lipstick in a pouch? I didn’t want this little treasure to be hidden from the world, so I grabbed a chain from another bag and clipped it to this one. I was in the market for a cross-body bag so when I saw the big bag came with a mini version, I was sold! Have you seen such a resourceful Celine? Being that I am not into DIY, I was quite proud of myself! I totally killed two birds with one stone purchase.

Celine All Soft Handbag // Different Color and On Sale

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