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Resolutions for a Happy Golf New Year

By Golfforbeginners
In what seems to be a lifetime ago, I considered what Tiger Woods might have added to his New Year's wish list for the 2011 season. Woods accomplished to check a few big items off of that list including making a comeback in Australia, snagging new endorsement deals and completing with a season-ending win.
Where I do not make my living from playing professional golf on the PGA Tour, my business does revolve around the sport in the realm of SEO and social media.
With the weather turning colder and twilight coming much too early each day to get in (at the very least) nine holes of golf, I turn my attention to my New Year's resolutions. I'll offer up these initiatives to get you started:
1. Play more golf! This past year, work became the center of my attention. Whereas it is important to concentrate on business, I have to admit that all work and no play makes Stacy a dull girl!
2. Help new golfers get involved and stay in the game. Of course, that is the whole reason that Golf for Beginners is in existence and since we're always learning, let's all take a suggestion from the USGA and Tee It Forward; basically pick the right tee box for your game. Your scores will drop and you'll have much more fun!
3. Practice, practice, practice! Even though I could not play as much golf as I would have liked, I should have made a more eager attempt to get to the driving range. A large bucket of balls for $6 is quite a good deal too! NO EXCUSES!
4. Play golf on at least one new course. It is easy to get into the routine of playing at the local publinks but it is also good to broaden your horizons. That being said, I intend to pick at least one new golf course within fifty miles that I have always wanted to play and get in a round. In 2011 made it to several great courses, including Bethpage Black (playing a yearly round with the MGWA) and meeting up with a few Twitter friends at Putnam National. More to come!
5. Must work on the mental game!! The mental game of golf is not only played on the course, it must also be practiced in real life situations. Not having too many highs and lows during the day, keeping steady as she goes, will certainly help me keep my head about me when the pressure is on, when Nassaus are being waged and when competition is the name of the game.
6. Go through my golf bag...out with the old, in with the new! I'm sure I'm not the only golfer who stuffs way too many golf balls, tees, markers, accessories, etc. into my golf bag. I resolve to go through my Adidas aG Strike stand bag and only keep what is necessary for that day's round. The threesome I played golf with during my last nine holes at Sprain Lake golf course all carried their bags and I felt compelled to do so (I use a push cart). Although my golf bag weighs in at just over 4 lbs, with all of the extras in my bag, I struggled to keep up.
Will I succeed? Only time will tell but resolutions are for the making, not necessarily for the fulfilling. All I can do is try.
What are your golf-related New Year's resolutions?
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Happy New Year to all my golf friends!
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