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Resistance is Useless

By Desiree68 @pullyoursocksup
It's war.
War against bland.
Autumn is squeezing the heat out of summer and here begins the Battle Against Boring.
Private Perfect, First Brigade Awesome (Brisneyland Chapter) has pledged she will fight the fight of autumnal drabness.
It's a jungle out there.
Resistance is Useless I pledge my allegiance to:
  • employ diversion tactics and wear awesome jackets, swirly capes and granny cardis this winter;
  • the donning of non event-appropriate wear at every opportunity;
  • use guerilla attacks on my wardrobe to weed out any unworn or unloved spy wear and pass them on to new owners;
  • banish all polar fleece to pet baskets;
  • uphold my promise to shop second hand first.
Resistance is Useless Private "Perky" Perfect reporting for duty.
Resistance is Useless
Resistance is Useless All present and correct.
Boots polished, eyebrows and uniform in order.
Resistance is Useless Battle stations!
Countdown to banishing boredom.
Resistance is Useless BOOM!
Resistance is Useless There goes boring!
Resistance is Useless Declared a non-drab demilitarised zone.
Resistance is Useless Always at ease.
Even on duty.
Resistance is Useless Pinstriped cotton jacket - handmade and gifted by Georgie, the Dickensian Dandy  Vintage beret, watch - Etsy "Perfect" badge - gifted by lovely reader, Tra-la-la Yellow silk scarf - gifted by rainbow girl, Krista Earrings, bangles - thrifted Frilly shorts - some online shop Catsuit - Black Milk Doc Marten boots - retail Join the resistance against drab ... Viva Fabuloso!
Desiree xo

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