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Rescued Paintings

By Luphil

10 days ago I found 11 pictures of my “Early Paintings” which weren’t published hitherto – and this blogpost is the first time they are shown in public after 32 years. They were among a collection of slides done from the original paintings in the early 1980ie. I found them because I’m preparing all my images and poems for a new website just dedicated to them. I took photographs of the slides and thus reconstructed the original pictures.

Though the quality isn’t superb (I didn’t want to buy a slide scanner just for these slides) I was very happy that I could rescue them this way and bring them back to manifestation. I give them here with the titles they now have in the order for the new website; partly there were titles and dates written on the border of the slides. I wrote explanatory comments and added quotations from Vol. III of the Secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky.

I wouldn’t have dared to show the pictures to a larger public 30 year ago, but now it seems to be the right time. This presentation is just a preview – the right place will be the website which will be launched in a few months.


Photographing the slides in the hazy light of morning fog

Sons of Light 7 – Fiery Metamorphosis
24 October 1981, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper


At this time I was discovering the existence of the Cosmic Christ in relation to the individuality of Jesus Christ. This painting expresses the release of energy which happened through the transformation Jesus Christ underwent through the crucifixion manifesting most sublime energies onto the physical. The cross, symbol of his initiation, is in connection with the fiery world, and through his body there is an inpour of light. The elements are in a state of turmoil and the forms, the imprisoned souls, are waiting for their release.

“From the beginning of Humanity the Cross, or Man, with his arms stretched out horizontally, typifying his kosmic origin, was connected with his psychic nature and with the struggles which lead to Initiation.” Secret Doctrine III

Sons of Light 6 – Apparition
24 October 1981, a 4, liquid glazing paint and white covering color on paper


In this painting I tried to express an inner vision or feeling of the existence of sublime beings which at times give us their presence. This was the only painting where I used white covering color. The luminosity wasn’t satisfactory and I saw that representing details of shades of white weren’t as I felt they should be expressed on paper. Nearly 32 years later, when restoring the painting from a slide, I enjoyed the subtlety of the color nuances which are vaguely expressed on the print-out.
This painting is kindred with the picture “Manifestation”.

Divine Mother 6
28 October 1981, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper


This picture shows the return of the souls into the arms of the Great Mother.

Sons of Light 7 – Triumph
08 November 1981, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper


This painting shows the final victory of Jesus Christ over the death of the physical body creating a tremendous release of light.

“The words “My God, my Sun, thou hast poured thy radiance upon me,” were the final words that concluded the thanksgiving prayer of the Initiate, “the Son and the glorified Elect of the Sun.” They were pronounced after the terrible trials of Initiation, and were still fresh in the memory of some of the “Fathers” when the Gospel of Matthew was edited into the Greek language.” Secret Doctrine III

Divine Mother 7 – The Family
12 December 1981, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper


The painting shows Jesus together with Mary and Joseph, as the representants of the Holy Family in fiery flames

Spiritual Hierarchy 7 – Towers of Light
31 December 1981, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper


This picture is a symbolic representation of the Spiritual Hierarchy as towers of light for humanity.

“White is the absence of all colours, and therefore no colour; black is simply the absence of light, and therefore the negative aspect of white. The seven prismatic colours are direct emanations from the Seven Hierarchies of Being, each of which has a direct bearing upon and relation to one of the human principles, since each of these Hierarchies is, in fact, the creator and source of the corresponding human principle. Each prismatic color is called in Occultism the “Father of Sound” which corresponds to it; Sound being the Word, or the Logos, of its Father-Thought.” Secret Doctrine III

16 January 1982, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper


I was fascinated by the etheric structure of the pyramid and the double pyramid manifesting in space. For me it was like a portal into another dimension, and at the same time a basic brick of the manifestation of the cosmos. In India the double pyramid is considered as a form of the Lingam of Lord Shiva, and, when visualised around oneself, as a structure of protection.

“The Infinite Unity, or Ain-Suph, is ever placed outside human thought and appreciation; and in Sepher Jetzirah we see the Spirit of God – the Logos, not the Deity itself – One is the Spirit of the Living God . . Who liveth forever. Voice, Spirit, [of the spirit], and Word: this is the Holy Spirit, [ Mishna, i. 9.] Three-in-one and Four and the Quaternary. From this Cube emanates the whole Kosmos. Says the Secret Doctrine: «It is called to life. The mystic Cube in which rests the Creative Idea, the manifesting Mantra [or articulate speech - Vâch] and the holy Pûrusha [both radiations of prima material] exist in the Eternity in the Divine Substance in their latent state» – during Pralaya.” Secret Doctrine III

18 January 1982, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper


This painting tries to illustrate how from the Eternal One, which opens like an eye from the beyond, the creation manifest. The down-pouring flames emanate the forms, the quaterary, the pyramid. At the time of painting I hadn’t yet studied the Secret Doctrine, but much later found the parallels.

“It is in the quaternary that the first solid figure is found, the universal symbol of immortality, the Pyramid, ‘whose first syllable means fire.’ “ Secret Doctrine III

Divine Eye 4
July 1982, A 4, liquid glazing paint and fast glue on paper


This painting visualises the Divine Eye as a portal to enter into the subtle spheres and the path which leads into the light. It is surrounded by three eyes representing the three aspects of the Divine – Will, Love and Light. The sperm-like forms in the periphery of the circle represent the souls which have taken through the portal and now are in the Light.

“The Pineal Gland is that which the Eastern Occultist calls Devâksha, the “Divine Eye.” To this day, it is the chief organ of spirituality in the human brain, the seat of genius, the magical Sesame uttered by the purified will of the Mystic, which opens all the avenues of truth for him who knows how to use it.” Secret Doctrine III

Worlds of Light 13 – Flames of Light
July 1982, A 4, liquid glazing paint and fast glue on paper


The image visualises the divine spark, the divine ego, surrounded by the flames from the One Flame.

“The essence of the Divine Ego is ‘pure flame,’ an entity to which nothing can be added and from which nothing can be taken: it cannot, therefore, be diminished, even by countless numbers of lower minds, detached from it like flames from a flame.” Secret Doctrine III

Sons of Light 9 – Self-Giving
10 December 1982, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper


The painting shows the self-giving of the lower to the higher self, of the personality to the Divine.

“The ‘harvest of life’ consists of the finest spiritual thoughts, of the memory or the noblest and most unselfish deeds of the personality, and the constant presence during its bliss after death of all those it loved with divine, spiritual devotion. Remember the teaching: The Human Soul, lower Manas, is the only and direct mediator between the personality and the Divine Ego.” Secret Doctrine III

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