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Republicans Don't Just Hate PP, They Hate Sex and Women.

Posted on the 28 March 2016 by Doggone
Republicans don't just hate PP, they hate sex and women.One of my colleagues, Dan Burns over at Minnesota Progressive Project (disclaimer, I also write for them) wrote an interesting piece today on the MN GOP assault on Planned Parenthood.
You can read it here - and I suggest you do.  Not only preventive health care for women would be adversely affected; PP provides health care services for men as well.  That men receive care is something that I suspect few MN GOP members or supporters know.
I felt my comment to the Dan Burns piece merited a repeat here as a separate post:
Republicans don't just hate PP, they hate sex and women.Republicans hate sex, and want to stamp it out. That explains their position on not only Planned Parenthood regarding abortion, but also their anti-contraception position.
If that means to stop people having sex, you have to let them get sick in their ‘lady parts’ and die, fine with Republicans, so long as that sick-suffer-and-die and/or go bankrupt with medical bills stuff only happens to women. In the apparent thinking of the right, human beings are men, male is the default basic setting or version, and women are an aberration. That is what is suggested by the continued funding of boner pills and prostate care, etc. for men remaining in place would show.
Of course, very few Republicans appear to know that men are also provided services at planned parenthood.
It is what was clearly the intent of Republican mega-donor Foster Friess believed when he suggested an aspirin between women’s knees was all the contraception you required — just DON’T HAVE SEX. Sex and gender scare the right, even as it makes raging hypocrites of them.
I would go so far as to argue that at least a part of the antagonism on the right for Hispanics (legal or otherwise) is that they have a higher birthrate than other ethnic groups — certainly higher than the white Right. That must mean they are having S-E-X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A desire to eradicate sex, and a hate and fear attitude for sex also goes a long way towards explaining the right wing antipathy towards any gender issue, particularly trans in bathrooms, gay marriage, any LGBT protections including from bullying, and a part of the right’s resistance to hate crime law.
Guns and gun violence are fine with the right, but NO SEX or SEXUALITY.
I would argue that the right is incapable of engaging in sane risk assessment, and so long as they have this hate-on for human sex and sexuality, they won’t appropriately consider health risks any more than they do other risks.  That reflects a truly f*cked set of priorities and values.
It puts the ultimate hypocrisy to claiming to be the pro-family and family values party.  It is just one more way in which the right cannot govern effectively or wisely.

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