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Republican Senators – Shameless, Spineless, Or Without Conscience?

Posted on the 27 May 2011 by Andy96

RE: Most Republican Senators voted yesterday to pass the Paul Ryan Budget Plan for the wealthy.

Tonight, I sent the following note to Texas Senator Cornyn, who voted for the plan:

Transferring more wealth to the top 2 percent by taking it from the middle class is absolutely shameful. Voting for the Ryan wealth transfer plan for fear of angering the extreme right is spineless. Unless you are part of the extreme right, then your vote was totally self serving and shows you have no conscience.

This is only my part of a longer email that was prepared by an on-line service and sent to Cornyn’s office for filtering by his staff.

Texas: Where the US of A is heading – Republican/Corporate single-party control.

Republican Senators – Shameless, Spineless, or Without Conscience?

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