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Report Shows 15% of America is Still Not Using the Internet

Posted on the 30 July 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

Laptop broke down some stats that came out of the Pew Research Center that looked at Internet usage in the U.S. The research showed that Asian – Americans had only 5% not using the Internet, in contrast Blacks were at the high end of the scale with 20% not using the Internet.

From the article:

Despite government and social service programs designed to increase Internet adoption, 15% of U.S. adults do not use the Internet. That percentage has not changed since 2013, according to Pew.

While an equal proportion of men and women do not use the Internet, the research found that there are differences between races. While Asian-Americans are the most likely to use the Internet with only 5% not doing so, 20% of blacks are not online compared to 14% of whites and 18% of Hispanic-Americans.

Pew harks back to its 2013 research to highlight key reasons that some Americans do not use the Internet. Some (34%) simply had no interest in doing so or believed it was not relevant to their lives. For others (32%) non-Internet use was based on it being too difficult to use, of which 8% said they were too old to learn. For 19%, cost was a barrier to Internet use.

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