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Report on Opening at Kitchen Theatre Exhibit

By Abstractartbylt @artbylt

The opening reception for my solo exhibit at the Kitchen Theatre last Friday night went really well.  We had theater people as well as art people coming, so there was a steady flow of traffic the whole time.  That's really important to an artist because we are otherwise standing around looking silly at our openings.  I was happy to have a constant stream of people to talk to about my art. 

I always wear a name tag with my name and the word "ARTIST" on it so people know right away who I am.  That prevents them from saying something nasty in front of me about the art on the walls.  No, really, I wear it so people will feel comfortable coming up and talking to me. 

After the reception I went out to eat at one of our great Thai restaurants with my daughter and some friends.  At that point I was relaxed and had a great time. 

Thanks to all my friends and fellow artists for showing up Friday night!

The photos did not come out that well because the lighting on the paintings created a glare when photographed.  But here are a couple of snapshots that will give you a sense of things. 

  Art Opening at The Kitchen Theatre.

  Art Opening at The Kitchen Theatre.

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