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Repeating Lies Does Not Make Them True

Posted on the 17 January 2014 by Mikeb302000
Let's start with
Guns save lives 
Seriously? What concrete proof do you have for this statement?  Looking at the news, there are far more examples of guns doing what weapons do, which is kill or cause serious bodily injury.
I'm open to proof that guns save lives, but right now there is precious little proof this statement is anything but BULLSHIT.
The US doesn't have a gun problem--it has a mental illness problem/crime problem/texting problem
Again, give me a break.  Are you telling me that other countries don't have these issues as well?  Guess what? they do, but they don't have the gun problem the US has.

Guns are inanimate objects/tools

Yes, they are.  Although, calling them tools is a bit disingenuous since they are actually weapons and as such have the purpose of killing or causing serious bodily injury.  That's why there is a big difference between hammers, swimming pools, cars and all those other false analogies to firearms.
Firearms are weapons.
Anyway, we are seeing loads of empirical evidence to the fact that the US has a serious gun problem, but people are in denial and coming up with all sorts of piss poor reasons for doing nothing about the problem.
Denial ain't a river in Africa, but the US sure is deep in it.
Or is that shit creek?

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