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Repairing Pottery with Kintsugi

By Francoisetmoi

Got a broken dish? Learn Kintsugi, or golden joinery, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery and embracing its imperfections. Recently, A reader on Instagram inspired me to try Kintsugi when she recommended repairing my ginger jar lid this way. I taught myself with this coral plate and will repair my broken, more complicated ginger jar lid is next! This isn’t true Kintsugi. Kintsugi kits are much more expensive and involve several additional steps. However, the essence is the same: repairing what’s broken and celebrating the imperfections with golden joinery.  I’ve tried a few different methods involving clear epoxy as well as adding gold mica powder to the epoxy, but neither gave the look I was after. JB Weld Epoxy Resin was the ticket!  Here we go! Supplies:  Broken Dish JB Weld Epoxy Resin Toothpick Cardboard Square Liquid Leaf Paint (Gold leaf paint is not food safe, so the result is more decorative.) Art Knife or Box Cutter Painter’s Tape Small Paintbrush, size 0/2 1. Glue the dish back together using epoxy resin. Apply with a toothpick and work quickly as it sets up pretty fast. 2. Once dry, carefully use a craft knife to scrape off excess epoxy that […]

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