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Rep Yo Self: Halfbreed Clothing Company Ignites A Cultural Movement

Posted on the 27 July 2012 by Candornews @CandorNews

Rep Yo Self: Halfbreed Clothing Company Ignites A Cultural Movement

America’s historic internal conflict regarding issues of race and ethnicity has led to centuries of racism and injustice for the minority people who call this country home. Although these issues sometime divide communities, Rudy Tee, founder and creator of Halfbreed Clothing Company has made it his mission to disregard the racial status quo.

Halfbreed Clothing Co. was established in March 2011. The name comes from a nickname Tee grew up with and embraced as a preteen refers to Tee’s mixed race ethnicity . The title may catch some people off guard but to mixed race people, it gives them an automatic connection.

The progressive clothing company caters to a growing demographic in both the nation and the world. According to the 2010 Census 9 million- or 2.9 percent of the United States population- identifies as mixed race.

“Know who you are first,” Tee said.

Halfbreed Clothing Co. speaks to a group of people who are often times forced by society to “chose a box”. The clothing line features t-shirts but will expand to include jeans, hoodies and beanies. It is embraced by the multicultural community and can be seen on men, women and children.

Based in San Francisco, Halfbreed Clothing Co. is spreading across the Bay area and into Hollywood. Tee shared plans of the third Halfbreed Comedy Tour to occur August 2, 2012. The event will showcase multicultural comedians. Halfbreed Clothing Co. has also participated in celebrity events like the George Lopez Golf Tournament, MTV Movie Awards and the BET Awards shows.

The clothing company has definitely sparked a movement on the west coast. Tee’s company ignited The Rep Yo Self movement, which promotes unity and cultural tolerance. The movement focuses more on the individual stories of people instead of using labels.

“In my opinion there is only one race, and that’s the human race…humanity,” Tee said.

Unity and tolerance are just two of the values promoted by the movement. Interracial dating, high self-esteem and confidence are also included.

In addition, Tee shared his encounters with customers and how they say that Halfbreed Clothing Co. describes them.

Tee is truly a visionary who recognizes that personal happiness and self identity is more important than societal labels. He is living out his passion and has the support of his community behind him.

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