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Rep. Gene Green's Office Shot Up

Posted on the 31 August 2011 by Mikeb302000
via Local Fox Newssuggested by DKos friend TomTech
Shots Fired at Congressman Gene Green’s Office:

An investigation is underway after someone fired two shots at the windows of Congressman Gene Green’s office Tuesday morning, a spokeswoman for the congressman says.
In gun-friendly Houston, Texas, I'm surprised this even makes the news. From the state leadership on down, guns are as commonplace as cattle Texas. In the big cities, they're more common.
What's your opinion?  Why do gun-rights people have such a hard time seeing that where there are more guns there is more gun violence? Isn't that the most obvious thing?  Why must they keep accusing us of claiming guns are the ONLY problem, which no one that I know has ever said?  Why must they keep bringing up Vermont, which due to its bucolic, uniracial society, enjoys a fairly peaceful lifestyle despite the presence of guns?
The fact is, generally speaking, gun availability equals high gun violence. When the other factors are present, unemployment, poor education, substance abuse, etc., the problem becomes acute.
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