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Reo Speedwagon - Live at the Moondance Jam

Posted on the 05 January 2014 by Ripplemusic
   My best friend in junior high had an older brother who would always turn us on to new music. Most of it was classic rock we had never heard of. Reo Speedwagon was  one of those bands he used to play at extreme volumes. The vinyl hopping and hissing as the record needle glided across its surface.  "Riding The Storm Out", and " Don't let him Go" were favorites and soon became staples on our boom box.  We walked the lonely streets of Riverside, Rhode Island, dragging a 50 pound cassette player cranking Reo Speedwagon.
   Fast forward to the modern day and this latest live release by the mighty REO, shows a band at its mature finest. Delivering a blistering bad ass set of hits and album staples.  This is a band that know who its target audience is and they know what they want.

   "Keep On Loving You" is album quality. What a solid performance. You feel like your right there rocking in the front row as this seasoned band lays it down. A great aor release for any fans of rock and roll. Dave Arnato is just tearing up that guitar on this one.

   All the hits are there. "Roll With The Changes", and " Can't Fight This Feeling." Keeping a band going for all these years as others in the genre fade away or give up is commendable. A testament to the power of the music and the song. These guys are the real deal. Musicians who play from the heart. It's not about the latest trends or the loudest amps or the most insane backstage story. It is simply about the music. This album takes you back and propels you into the future as the Speedwagon keeps rolling on. Get this album.
8 horns up


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