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Renewing Your Wedding Vows – Inspiration from

By Bewilderedbug @bewilderedbug

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Have you been thinking of renewing your wedding vows and have found yourself at a loss for ideas?  Or maybe you’re planning a wedding and are overwhelmed by all the ideas?  What do you put together?  What is tacky?  What truly describes you as a couple.  If only there were something that could simplify this process!

A few weeks ago, a close friend of mine put up a beautiful photo on Facebook of her and her husband.


It was a photo of them kissing in front of a beautiful tree. She was all coifed up and in a gorgeous white dress and he was all cleaned up and looking handsome in his suit. I met this friend after her wedding, so I thought maybe it was an old photo of their wedding. I had forgotten that she had been planning a renewal of their vows – and this was a recent photo of them celebrating their love once again.

Another friend I have known since high school has also renewed her vows. Several times (privately). She is one of those people who you just KNOW is with her soulmate – as a couple, I cannot think of a single one more suited. She is also one of those people who could put Pinterest to shame – she crafts and cooks….and she crafted every single thing for her wedding from the centrepieces to her flowered headpiece (did I mention she is my idea of the modern day hippie?).


She is so in love and dedicated to her relationship that she decided to renew her vows every year of their marriage – and she has done it every single year, of course on a smaller, more private basis.

So, I was pondering about my relationship. In August this year, the Luv Luv and I will have officially been married for five years. Last year November was our eleven year anniversary of knowing each other. This year would be a perfect chance to renew our vows right?!

Then I remembered all the trials and tribulations of arranging my wedding. I am not complaining, because my wedding was what many women would call a dream wedding, it was a huge, fancy, glitzy affair that everyone seemed to have enjoyed, but it was not what I had envisioned or wanted. I wanted a small wedding in a winery in Niagara on the Lake or a B&B somewhere in the Ontario countryside….

So I have been playing with the idea of renewing my vows, but doing it MY way. Hey, a girl is allowed to fantasize, right?! That is when I found and saw these amazing Inspiration Boards, a website with some spectacular paper goodies from wedding invitations, to business cards, to art prints…both pre-designed and custom. I was instantly addicted – here was a virtual pin board of cool ideas and pretty pictures….a tempting treat to the Pinterest addict in me!

The cool thing was, as I browsed through the Inspiration Boards, I saw things that I had not seen before. I saw so many awesome ideas – and notices that my taste had changed. I no longer wanted the vintagey, country style wedding, but rather something a bit more modern and elegant yet still old world and definitely something simple (*hint hint to Luv Luv*).  The awesome thing about these Inspiration boards is that they are put together by both the staff at and real brides planning their events.  In fact, you can go make one too – except I believe the current contest is for a birth announcement inspiration board – but I’m sure both you and I can come up with cute inspirations for a nursery and for a baby


Anyway, I don’t know if I will be renewing my vows – we were thinking of it, but a very good friend of mine will be getting married the week before our anniversary, so I do to be,I’ve we would be able to organize this AND. Attend the wedding…and I promised her years ago that I would attend! So, instead, I will live vicariously through the Inspiration Boards….and show you some of my favourites.


Wedding Inspiration Boards

What do you think of these? Which are your favourites? Are our tastes completely different?

I am not usually crazy over Parisian stuff but this simple and modern take on it floats my boat!

love, sweet love by guess what?, see more Minted wedding invitations

love, sweet love board by guess what?. See more Minted wedding invitations

Loving the modern, city feel of this black & white wedding – especially the anemone bouquet & the girly macaron cake!

Estate Wedding Salmon by Kim Dietrich Elam, see more wedding invitations on Minted

Estate Wedding Salmon board by Kim Dietrich Elam. See more wedding invitations on Minted

Telling the world of our travels!  Love the world-traveller essence amidst the vintage atmosphere.

Come Fly With Us by Paper and Parcel, see more

Come Fly With Us board by Paper and Parcel. See more

Glitzy, romantic, girly…what more could I want…oh right…my flower of choice recently…the anemones.  Wonder if they could mix peonies in there?

Ellegance Illustrated by The Lovely Letters, see more wedding invitations on Minted

Ellegance Illustrated board by The Lovely Letters. See more wedding invitations on Minted

Completely in love with lace dresses & simple wedding styles like this!

A More Perfect Union by Jennifer Wick, see more Minted

A More Perfect Union board by Jennifer Wick. See more Minted

Awesome, simple, cheap centerpiece idea – can you imagine them all lit up in dusk overlooking a vineyard?

Inspiration Board by Keri, see more modern Minted wedding invitations

Inspiration Board board by Keri. See more modern Minted wedding invitations

And of course a completely girly bachelorette done right! (what? Who says a renewal can’t have one?)

Corset Bachelorette Party or Lingerie Shower by Wendy Van Ryn, see more unique stationery

Corset Bachelorette Party or Lingerie Shower board by Wendy Van Ryn. See more unique stationery

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