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Remote Island Finally Has 24 Hour Power Thanks to Solar

Posted on the 27 March 2013 by Ecoexperts @TheEcoExperts

Remote Island Finally Has 24 Hour Power Thanks to Solar

A REMOTE Scottish Island finally has 24 hour energy thanks to new solar PV panels and wind turbine installations.

Residents on the Isle of Muck have welcomed six new 5KW wind turbines and 30KW solar panels, which mean they no longer have to ration their energy.

Previously power was only available for 14 hours a day, between 11am to 5pm and 11.30pm to 7.30am.

The island in the Inner Hebrides off the North West coast of Scotland, first received electricity in 1970 but it has always been a limited supply, predominantly supplied from diesel generators.

However, a £978,840 grant from the Big Lottery Fund has meant the 38 residents no longer have to rely on the generators and can watch their TVs or wash their clothes whenever they want.

According to STV.News the islanders are most looking forward to being able to watch the end of films without the end cutting off, reading by electric light rather than candles and no longer washing their clothes by hand.

One islander said the new constant power would mean not worrying about food going off in the fridge.

Neighbouring island Eigg get more than 90% of their electricity from solar PV panels and hydro and wind schemes.

A spokesperson for www.theecoexperts said: “It’s great that the residents of the Isle of Muck no longer have to rely on candle light to read their books or complete their work. Renewable energy has proven to be the best solution for the inhabitants for a sustainable and constant supply of energy.

“Not only is the power they are enjoying free, it is also not damaging the environment in the way energy from the diesel generators was. As we have seen in the news energy prices are going up and up, and our traditional sources are become less and less certain, so investing in solar PV really is the best option.”

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