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Remington to Upgrade Military Sniper Rifles

By Mikeb302000
Remington to Upgrade Military Sniper Rifles
via Outta the Cornfield
These are upgrades that improve "lethality and stand-off distance."  Remington has received a $28,000,000 dollar contract to upgrade 3,600 rifles.
Do the math.  That's $7,777 per gun, which cost less than half that when new.
As a country we sure as hell are on top when it comes to killing humans better than any other but just can't find the resources to develop alternative energy sources or transportation. You know things like that which are important to more people that live here than better ways of killing human beings.
If anyone thinks our country's war stance and involvements around the world will ever become much less than what it is now you are wrong. It is only going to grow larger. We are screwed big time and have been for a very long time.
Our country is addicted to war and the stupids will never question even when it affects them in a negative way.
We love our blood and guts way too much!!
This is one contract out of how many, thousands, tens-of-thousands?, many of which reward military contractors exorbitantly. No wonder military spending is out of control.
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