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Remembering President Mediocre

By Therealmcteag @therealmcteag

While George HW Bush was considered a sub par president who advanced through personal meanness in his life you would think he’s FDR for all the preposterous pomp of the weeklong funeral. When it comes to presidents it seems, the less important the longer the mourning period. Did the country stop dead when Eisenhower died? No one seemed this upset when Dutch Reagan shuffled off this mortal coil.

Could just it be Bush Sr was so superannuated that there was enough time to re-cast a career and presidency that was seen as a flaming bag of failure in his time? Simply put; most likely, yes.

Remembering President Mediocre

The two titles he seems to have locked up is “Everyone’s Favorite President Named George Bush” and “most musically sampled president of in History at his time” for always relying on so many meaningless Happy-Time quotes that would be sampled and parodied.

George HW Bush talked in such drivel that even Trump was able to work a few laughs out of trashing the “Thousand Points of Light” that Bush often spoke of but could never really explain.

George HW Bush may not have  been the meanest guy in DC, but he could get ornery.  His personal rivalry with fellow Texan Ross Perot definitely cost him a second term. Perot would pre-sage more organized and resolute Tea Party Types that were fermenting.

If you cant really remember Perot just keep in mind “King of the Hill” Character

Remembering President Mediocre

Cotton Hill

Cotton Hill was probably based on short, intense and emotional Perot. They certainly have similar voices. In his own time Perot was not so very different from Trump. The exceptions being Perot was a self-made man and not a money grubbing Russian Puppet.

It was lost on people at the time that Perot outflanked Bush from the RIGHT and got nearly one vote in 5 (19%) in the election that he and Bush lost to Bill Clinton.  Only the wrong people notice this or when the right people talked about it they were simply ignored.

George HW Bush had run for president a bunch of times and was meaner and more desperate every time. By the time he wins his one term he’s redefined the concept of Gutter Campaigning with the INFAMOUS Willie Horton Ad ( which he borrowed from Al Gore, but was still wrong).

In terms of presidential Intellects he was a step up from Reagan but failed to match the wit and guile we’d seen by previous presidents.  George HW Bush was not a visionary when it came to solutions. Sometimes he seemed to be looking right at a problem and fail to see it. He was competent but not impressive.

As a speaker few were worse. A bad nasal voice, a penchant for whining and body language on par with Richard Nixon. He was a underwhelming Chief Executive when on TV.

While he had a sense of humor he wasn’t exactly bringing down the house with the jokes. The lost references about the Brooklyn Dodgers and an inability to connect with the common American killed his attempts at humor most times.

The best thing you could say about his sense of humor was the guy was a good sport most of the time. Dana Carvey is still alive, right?

Neither a Uniter nor a Divider so much as a sober and steady helmsman he was no friend to women, minorities or the poor. Neither was he their greatest enemy of his time. That still has to go to Ronald Reagan.

We all wish the Japanese had been slightly better Marksmen and spared us all two terrible presidents.  Iran-Contra, Oliver North and the tanking of the economy all add up to “this guy was a mediocre president and we’re lucky he wasn’t reelected.” Still it needs to be noted that while equally brave, George HW Bush was a MUCH better pilot than John McCain. The two biggest differences being that George Bush almost never pancaked onto the deck on returning to the carrier, even when his plane was damaged; and never crashed into telephone wires with a hooker in the plane showing off in Italy.

At the end the best part of the funeral was how every ex president Jimmy Carter, whose not well himself, simply ignored or side-eyed Trump.

Remembering President Mediocre

Happy Trails George HW Bush. The only person so far I voted FOR before I voted AGAINST as president

Hers a metal song comprosing mostly of quotes from the late president from his time in office


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