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Remembering Pete Seeger and Celebrating His Legacy: A Selection of Eulogies

Posted on the 29 January 2014 by William Lindsey @wdlindsy
Remembering Pete Seeger and Celebrating His Legacy: A Selection of Eulogies
As a service to readers interested in reading eulogies of Pete Seeger in addition to the ones to which I linked yesterday by Peter Scheer and John Nichols, here's a selection of tributes to him from news sites and blogs I read (with thanks to Alan McCornick for the link to Mother Jones):
Phyllis Bennis, "We'll Carry the Song: Remembering Pete Seeger," Common Dreams
Kevin Clarke, "Pete Seeger, Banjo Picker," America
David Corn, "Springsteen Pays Tribute to Seeger, Mother Jones
Will Femia, "Remembering Pete Seeger," Maddow BlogLisa Fullam, "R.I.P. Pete Seeger, CommonwealAmy Goodman and Democracy Now, "Pete Seeger: 'Democracy Now' Remembers the Folk Icon with His Own Music and Words," Truthdig
Val Haller, "Protest Songs, From Seeger to Sting to Springsteen, New York Times
Dorian Lynskey, "Pete Seeger: The Man Who Brought Politics to Music," Common Dreams
John Mellencamp, "Remembering Pete Seeger: 'Keep It Small and You Will Make a Difference,'" Huffington Post
Greg Mitchell, "Remembering Pete Seeger, from Woody Guthrie to Occupy Wall Street," Common Dreams
Patrick S. O'Donnell, "Pete Seeger: Folk Singer, Songwriter, and Communist (May 3, 1919-January 27, 2014)," Religious Left Law (by way of Fred Clark at Slacktivist)
Jon Pareles, "Pete Seeger, a Folk Revivalist Who Used His Voice to Bring Out a Nation's," New York Times
Peter Rothberg, "Pete Seeger's Top Ten Songs," The NationMatthew Rothschild, "Rest in Peace Pete Seeger, A True Progressive Hero," Common Dreams
Pete Seeger and Sarah van Gelder, "Ho Can I Keep from Singing," Common Dreams
Marina Sitrin, "Thank You, Pete Seeger," Common Dreams
Andrew Sullivan, "The Passing of Pete," The Dish
Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, "'We Are Not Afriad': The Holy Spirit and the Life of Pete Seeger," Huffington Post
Harvey Wasserman, "So Long, Pete & Tosh Seeger, It's Been Amazingly Good to Know You," Common Dreams
Crystal Watson, "Pete Seeger," Perspective
Jon Wiener, "Pete Seeger's Biggest Day," The Nation
Michael Winship, "Pete Seeger: Beating Flagpoles into Plowshares," Common Dreams
Abby Zimet, "Nobody Can Make Me Turn Back: Rest in Peace," Common Dreams
The graphic is by Aislin of Cagle Cartoons at Montreal Gazette, by way of Truthdig.

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