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Remembering Life As An Oklahoma EMT

By Thibben @aspieadventures
   I took a trip back through time & ventured to my Myspace page, crazy old school but I did find something interesting I thought would be fun to share! My last post was after a long day working a very long hot day in the ambulance running calls to help people. I'm not sure what EMS is like in other states but at times in rural Oklahoma we were not always called out to help people that were in life or death situations, more like "I didn't think before I acted" situations or my favorite "I didn't have a ride to the Dr. so I called an ambulance to just take me to the ER for my swollen pinky toe" & so our story begins....
Aug of 2008:
   The thing I love most about my job is that no matter what it will always be in high demand, even more so in Oklahoma. Allow me to explain: (Story Time Kids!)
   If you find yourself walking or driving across a bridge over a river & look down at said river & happen to think to your self "hhmm, that water looks deep, I bet it would be fun to jump off this bridge and into the water just like in my favorite movie!" 
Lets all take a look at the things that are very very wrong with this statement:
  1. Can water really "look" deep? What is it about the surface of that water that makes you think there is 8 feet of water below instead of 1 foot of water & then a bunch of big rocks?
  2. If your idea of "fun" is jumping off a bridge on a whim then you should probably sit down and have a very long talk with yourself. It might be time to re-think some things.
  3. Your favorite movie is stupid, just thought I would let you know.

Remembering Life As An Oklahoma EMT

Me circa 2009

   I so wish I could be there as you plummet with a big goofy smile off of before mentioned bridge. Down down down you go, foot after foot, thinking to yourself how awesome this must look from your friends point of view. I wish I could be there when you have the bone crunching realization that while the water "looked" deep it in fact is not deep, your 8 foot deep estimation was only about -7 feet off of the correct depth.
   Well, I say all this as at the same time you are the one laying down on your comfortable back board with your cool new boot on while the silly EMT's carry you like a king the half a mile up the trail in the heat to the ambulance. And as you are about to lay back on the cot and close your eyes to try and relax while you are rushed away to the hospital where you will get all kinds of pain killers the silly EMT is hunched over the guard rail vomiting because of the combination of heat exhaustion, the dead fish smell coming from you, & the pizza we ate for breakfast (okay so that's my fault, sorry)
I don't blog very often but today I had to let some one know a very very important warning.....If your walking across a bridge on the side walk & stop to look over & you have a thought run through your head....please let that thought be "what the hell did I just step in? Is that vomit" and as you wipe your shoe in the grass please let that serve as a reminder to use your a little common sense when going through life!

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