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Remember When…

Posted on the 26 September 2011 by Karibestrycki @bloglikeitshot

Christina Ricci was a child actress?

Remember When…

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Since my roommates outvoted me on what television show we watched on Sunday evening, I had to sit through ABC’s new drama, “Pan Am.” I was slightly against this show for the demeaning to women undertones, but I won’t jump into that pool during this post.

Christina Ricci plays Maggie, one of the show’s main characters. While it’s hard to describe her character so early on, she seems to be playing a fun, upbeat girl who likes to break the rules. Tonight I learned that the Pan Am airline would suspend a stewardess if they weren’t wearing a girdle…how lovely.

Christina was born in February 12, 1980 in Santa Monica, California. This young lady was discovered at 8-years-old during a school play…“The Twelve Days of Christmas.” The story behind this role goes as follows: Christina was in competition for the role with another kid. According to a “New York Magazine” article, “Ricci taunted her rival so much that he socked her. When she tattled, he lost the part. “I’ve always been a really ambitious person,” she says. “I guess that’s the first time it really reared its ugly head.” You know your a boss when…

When I saw Christina’s familiar face on TV last evening, it felt like I was seeing an old friend. She has been on the big screen since 1990 and even though she has been on other TV shows and movies the past couple of years, I felt like I haven’t seen her in ages. I think it’s time to explore some favises Christina Ricci films!


Remember When…

Photo Courtesy: constellationcontemplation.blogspot.com

While Christina started out doing commercial work, she hit the jackpot in 1990 when she won the role of Kate Flax in “Mermaids.” As a reminder, “Mermaids” starred the second coming…Cher.

This film tells the story of Mrs. Flax (Cher) and her two daughters Kate (Christina Ricci) and Charlotte (Winona Ryder). Mrs. Flax loves men and sleeping with them. Charlotte, who is 15-years-old in the movie, wants to become a nun until she meets a sexy/quiet older gentleman who is the groundskeeper of the local church.

Kate is focused on becoming a swimmer…that’s pretty much all that they give her in this film.

Why the title? Cher dresses up as a mermaid for Halloween in the film. With a budget of $24 million, “Mermaids pulled in $35,419,397. Point Christina.

This music video from the film gives you all the highlights:

Christina – please share any piece of life advice that Cher bestowed unto you. I’m pretty sure that woman holds all the secrets of the universe.

Stay tuned for more classic Ricci films!

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