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Remember To Enjoy Today, Not Just Plan For Tomorrow

By Gjosefsberg @gjosefsberg
Remember To Enjoy Today, Not Just Plan For Tomorrow

Should I put napping as a skill on my resume?

Gal’s note – Don’t worry, we’ll be back to generating web traffic in a couple of days.  In the meantime, let me tell you about my weekend!

I just had the most wonderful weekend with my wife.  It wasn’t in Hawaii or in some bed and breakfast in the mountains, it was at home doing not much of anything.  We:

  • Walked to our favorite breakfast place on Saturday
  • Saw a movie together
  • Walked around a local downtown
  • Grabbed some frozen yogurt
  • Walked the dog
  • Napped together on the couch
  • And spent a lot of time chatting (and other things!)

It was absolutely amazing.

Reminders Of Good Things

It reminded me just how much I love this woman and why I married her and it showed me how much happier I am when I’m around her.   It also reminded me that the best things in life don’t need to be expensive or hard.  Sometimes it’s nice to just spend a bit of time napping on the couch with a loved one.

Memories Versus Happiness

Yes, the big vacations and the special events will generate a lot of memories.  I remember Julie on our wedding day and how radiant she looked.  I remember her on our honeymoon and how much fun we had together sailing around Hvar.  I even remember my trip to Vegas with my buddies and how much we overate at the buffet.  Those are memories I will cherish forever, but they’re also rare events in years full of ordinary days.

While the memories of those rare events are nice, it’s the ordinary days that determine our happiness.  It’s today and yesterday and tomorrow that will make us happy or sad, and no amount of memories will change that.  I’m glad to be reminded of that because sometimes I forget about today as I plan out my life next week, next month and next year.   It’s nice to know that even if I fail at other things, I’m still a pretty damn good husband (and napper!) and that’s good enough most days.

I’m resolved to spend a bit less time planning for next year and a bit more time just enjoying today.

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