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Remarkable Renovations

By Dwell @dwell
Renovations offer accessible inspiration. After all, most folk don't tend to find themselves in circumstances where they are starting from scratch. Rather, it's that crumbling old flat in need of new plumbing or a sagging family cabin gone into disrepair that most frequently present the opportunity for revitalization. Good renovations are compelling for nearly everyone, and here, we share a diverse selection of stories ranging from a London house made wheelchair-friendly, to a historic 1790 home in the English countryside brought gently up to date, to an iconic Moshe Safde apartment in Montreal given luxurious new life. Slideshow Modern 18th-century farmhouse in Sweden

On an 18th-century farmstead in rural Sweden, two Copenhagen designers have handcrafted a summerhouse that seamlessly melds the modern and the traditional.

The simple, pared-down aesthetic and the open-ended time frame of the project—along with the pair's building and design skills—helped Mads Odgård and Lyng Hansen achieve their renovation on a miniscule budget, with a project outline that ebbed and flowed with Odgård’s professional successes in product design.

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