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"Religion is a Myth. A Fairy Tale."

Posted on the 20 March 2015 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

Tod Worner takes on his faith's critics:

My faith, I would like to think, has always been strong and my relationship with Christ has grown deep (in spite of my missteps and imperfections). But curiously as I grew older (and even after Caravaggioconverting to Catholicism), I encountered a world that wanted to tell me that it was time to truly “grow up”. Religion is a myth. A fairy tale. A lark promising to explain the inexplicable while surreptitiously corralling free spirits. Professors in college, columnists in smart, fashionable magazines, authors of well-praised books sought to disabuse me of my “simple” notions of faith. Surely in the age of the Human Genome Project and the internet and space travel and evolutionary psychology – surely, it was time to retire the well-worn security blanket of God, to be finished with this quaint, silly, ridiculous, little faith and march forward as a liberated adult into the dazzling freedom of autonomy, personal fulfillment and assured happiness.


But I am not so sure.

You see, the myth, the fairy tale, the lark I believe in says something just a bit more complex, offers something a touch more extraordinary, presents something a whiff more brilliant than the cardboard cut-out caricature of faith erected by its haughty, “enlightened” skeptics. In fact, it has always struck me that the most vocal critics of faith never seem to be talking about any faith that I have ever known or practiced. Perhaps in the midst of their considerable wisdom and insight, there are a few things these skeptics should honestly consider. 

Click the link and read those few things.

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'Tis a beauty.

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