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Release Yourself from Paralyzing Patterns

By Barbarajpeters @CouplesAuthor

We’re now ten days into the New Year, how’s it going for you? Are your resolutions working, or are your old patterns still anchored firmly in place?

Release yourself from paralyzing patternsBorrowing from classical science, you might try shifting your paradigm model to jump-start the changes needed to empower you as an individual.

In a social sense, paradigm is a word that means your personal world view of things. This includes all the experiences, values and beliefs that come together to create how you perceive life around you, including your relationships.

Making personal change happen often requires a paradigm shift. In other words, you must change the way you see things to affect a different outcome. Sometimes this isn’t easy to do – a personal paradigm shift is like stopping an ocean liner that’s been blasting full steam ahead – it doesn’t happen in an instant. But, it can and will happen, given time and a reversal in direction.

How do you know if you’re stuck in a relationship that needs some changing?

  • Do you find yourself merging into your partner’s personality and losing your own?
  • Do you stray from your value system and interests and replace them with your partner’s?
  • Does love hurt because you give so much yet feel you are getting little in return?
  • Do you feel exhausted from the effort it takes to keep your relationship alive?
  • Do you want to feel empowered and reclaim your own life?

So, what might you have to do to shift your relationship paradigm to make it more fulfilling? Remember, these won’t always be easy to do!

  • Give up the comfort and security you have now
  • Take risks to change your relationship, without guarantees
  • Create your own happiness from within
  • Make new choices, but plan them carefully
  • Own your thoughts and make decisions without input from others

Once you shift your thinking and actions, you’ll see a remarkable change in your life. What should you expect to happen?

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