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Relaxation Techniques to Keep You Calm Before Your Wedding Day

By Weddingblog2011

Every bride wants to stay sane for her big day. No matter how laidback you are or how large or small your occasion will be, stress can creep up on even the most carefree bride. Try these relaxation techniques to keep calm before you walk down the aisle.

Every bride-to-be can benefit from some simple relaxation techniques to keep calm before the big day. Every bride knows that wedding planning stress can really take its toll as the big day draws near, and it’s not always easy to sneak in some relaxation time when you’re busy planning the last-minute details. Add a job, family, school, or housekeeping into the mix, and your efforts to maintain composure and a stress-free wedding experience becomes even trickier.

To keep your stress level low and your energy level high, try the following relaxation techniques before your wedding day:

Visualization—Visualization techniques involve picturing mental images that take you to a peaceful setting, using as many of your senses as possible to create the visual. For example, take everything you would feel and smell into account while visualizing the peaceful setting of your choice. If you’re picturing yourself sitting near the ocean, imagine the way the light breeze would feel on your skin and how the salt water would smell.

Muscle Relaxation—There are countless progressive muscle relaxation techniques you can try before your wedding day and during your wedding planning process that have proven to be effective. Try focusing on one muscle group at a time and slowly tensing the muscles and then releasing them, starting near your head and neck and then working your way down to your feet. This helps you be aware of your muscles and how tension feels different from relaxation so that you can learn to make your body transition from a stressful state to a peaceful state on a regular basis.

Exercise and Downtime—Exercising thirty minutes a day and taking the time to spend some downtime with friends or family aren’t specific techniques, but they are essential components in managing your stress levels all throughout the wedding planning process, right up to the big day. Keep this in mind along with the other relaxation techniques to keep calm before your wedding day.

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