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Relax Away With Hamswan Aroma Diffuser!

By Marialiberati

copyright 2016 Maria Liberati

Relax Away With Hamswan Aroma Diffuser!

One of  my favorite ways of destressing and relaxing is using my HAMSWAN Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser 100ml Wooden Aroma Diffuser with 7 Color LED Light. It’s also great for those nights that you just can’t sleep. You can certainly experiment with essential oil relaxing blends and see just which oils put you in a relaxed state.

The diffuser has an attractive simple design and fits in well with any décor. The diffuser comes with a 2.4 GHz ultrasonic technology that allows it to discharge moist air and essential oils (my favorite oil for relaxing is lavender oil). It is powerful enough to service an area of 161 square feet which makes it a perfect fit for bedrooms and office spaces, a small yoga studio, small spa rooms.

Now when I need to feel recharged, I bring my diffuser to my office and place in peppermint oil with water. Since its’ base tank can hold up to one hundred milliliters of water you can keep it going for all the time you need to be in the office.

Also to help put you in almost any mood you choose-the diffuser features three pieces of LED lights and has a capability to rotate between seven different colors both in bright and dim mode. It’s great because you can also set it to remain on a favorite color. Blue and green are my favorite colors to relax. Its designed to last for up to three hours when in intermittent mode.

And just in case you forget to turn it off, there is an automatic shut down system to prevent burnout when the water runs low.

Also for convenience it comes packed with a power adapter, a measuring cup and an instruction manual. It is light enough and convenient enough that I can take this to almost anywhere in the world I am working.

To keep you relaxed while trying to sleep the diffuser has a whisper like sound that can be hardly heard, making it great for the indoors. Just yesterday I had my diffuser on in my office and met with 2 colleagues there with no interruption of concentration because of loud sounds, just a fresh smell in the air and a recharge of energy!

This is truly a three in one diffuser- aromatherapy, aqua-therapy and photo therapy-all in one piece. If you practice yoga at home, keep this in your practice room and experiment with different essential oils and their relaxing effects.

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