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Relationship Problems in Your Twenties?

By Shanlakes
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You'd think this would be the one time you actually like your significant other. Their boobs are perky, they have no wrinkles, you don't have kids, there's really nothing to fight about. Right? From my 4.5 years experience of being in my twenties I have been exposed to numerous relationships. My own, girl friends, guy friends, cousins, you name it... I've accumulated a list of why couples in their twenties tend to drop the gloves. NO, luckily not all of the reasons have been based off personal experience :)
1. You're damaged from a past relationship. You are too immature to realize you are blaming your new flame for an old ones mistakes.
2. Fear of commitment.
3. You compare yourself to other relationships.
4. Your twenties are an emotional roller coaster.
5. You question and over think just about everything.
6. You're at your prime...naturally there is more temptation.
7. You're both extremely busy.
8. You're still desperately trying to hold onto your youth and freedom.
9. There are a lot of various stress factors in your twenties. Work, money, friends, family, change, etc. Extreme amounts of stress cause you to have a lower sex drive.
10. You don't like to go out with each others friends.
11. You're extra sensitive. You're not able to let the little things go. 
12. You're selfish. As we all should be in our twenties.
13. You feel as though you are too young to have to WORK on a relationship.
14. You're settling. 
15. We're all crazy in our twenties. We have no idea what direction our life is going in. You're switching jobs, moving, getting raises, getting demoted, losing friends, gaining friends, breaking up, falling in love. We are completely irrational at times in our twenties, so what would make more sense than taking it out on your significant other? You know, the one person who loves you unconditionally and is always there for you? Makes perfect that twenty-something brain of yours. 
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