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Registrars Where You Can Place Pre-Reservations On New gTLD Domain Names

Posted on the 25 September 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

After I wrote the post that topped over 2 Million new gTLD domain name pre-reservations (actually now over 2.15) I got a few emails of people asking me what other registrars are and are not taking pre-reservations.

Once again a pre-reservation of a new gTLD domain name does not cost anything but also does not give anyone rights to the domain name.

For a more detailed explanation of what you get and don’t get by pre-reserving a new gTLD domain you can read my blog post here.

Simply put putting a pre-reservation at a particular registrar can get you the new gTLD domain name of your choice but certainly does not guarantee by any means that you will wind up with the domain name.

For those wanting to pre-register a new gTLD domain here are some registrars/resellers allowing pre-registrations: (japanese) (German)

Domain Name Registrars that have a “watch” program but which are not currently taking pre-reservations on new gTLD domain Names include:

If you are an ICANN accredited program that is taking pre-reservations of new gTLD domain names and have been left off the list please add the link below in the comments where pre-registrations are being accepted as we will update the story by adding your link.


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