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Refreshing! Biden Chooses Only Competent Professionals!

Posted on the 25 November 2020 by Jobsanger
Refreshing! Biden Chooses Only Competent Professionals!For the last four years we have seen a parade of criminals, grifters, and fanatics appointed to serve in the executive. It looks like those days are over (thank goodness).

Joe Biden has made his first seven picks, including his national security team, and it is a radical change from the Trump administration. There are no family members or criminals or greedy corporatists or conspiracy fanatics -- just competent professionals who have proven their worth through years of dedicated service to this country.

Here part of what Max Boot had to say about Biden's picks in The Washington Post:

After the past four years, it was a disorienting experience to read the rundown of President-elect Joe Biden’s selections for senior national security posts. Where, I wondered, were the unqualified businessmen? The grifters with the FBI hot on their tails? The Twitter trolls? The fanatics? The sycophants? The relatives of the president?

All mercifully missing. Instead, we have a diverse slate of highly competent appointees with decades of relevant experience. Most know each other and Biden well. The backstabbing, extremism and incompetence that were the hallmarks of the Trump administration appear likely to be replaced by professionalism, moderation and collegiality. . . .

All that said, it’s important to keep expectations in check. It’s a vast improvement to get rid of a clueless team that sabotaged the national interest at every turn. But simply because you stop doing the wrong things doesn’t mean that the right approach is obvious or that it will pay off anytime soon.

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