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Refresher Course

By Lauramoodley

Refresher course

Once in a while its good to go back to basics and re-discover those tools & techniques that we have forgotten about.

For me, that tool is Adobe Illustrator. I have ofcourse used this program as a fashion student, however at the time it was pretty new on the curriculum  and i passed most of my course by doing everything by hand drawing or on photoshop, plus since graduating i work mostly for myself and do things my own way.

However recently things have changed for me and It came to my attention that I NEED illustrator if i want to move forward. I was always a bit afraid of it, because its pretty complicated at first, and so i have shied away from it for the past couple of years. Yesterday however, I faced the challenge by starting a 3 day beginners course, which for me is like a refresher class.

After exercises; drawing Angry Birds & Apples, I have finally gotten round to some fashion illustration which is SO MUCH FUN! I cant believe i never did it before! Anyway, a lesson well learned is that sometimes, you just need to get stuck in, and maybe you’ll have a little fun on the way! Ofcourse it helps to have a good teacher, but the boost to ones confidence, is awesome!

So my final word is to advise anyone out there who is afraid of something that you NEED to do - go do it! Its  such a good feeling when you come out the other side! 

xoxo LLM

I may post illustration photos later, depending how they turn out :p 

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