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Reference Resource Mondays: On Hiatus Until December

Posted on the 20 October 2014 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG


This is basically the portion where you can assume, “Oh great, Justin’s finally about to go whine about why he’s no longer doing Reference Resource Mondays,” because yeah, this is the part where I go whine about no longer doing Reference Resource Mondays…until December.

Aside from just plain falling behind on reading a lot of blogs consistently, I’ve pretty much fallen behind on a bunch of anime and manga I want to check out, for a few reasons that I’ll keep to myself (because I’m a jerk.) Thanks to also working, the focus on RRM hasn’t been there, and thus, for now, I’ll have it put on Hiatus. You should expect to see it back the first Monday of December (that’d be December 1). You may also see the format of it changed a bit too.

Otherwise, if you feel you have any good reads that people should check out from now until then, email me a link with a short description at organizationasg at gmail dot com, and I will round them up. Now, onto the last RRM for a while…

  • Mike goes on a huge look at how Hideaki Anno inspired him growing up, and what his series have done for him in two parts: Part I and Part II.
  • I mean, the title has I’m so gay for Narukami Yu. How could I NOT include it??!
  • This is an excellent post by Tony that explains the situation teenagers are in when it comes to purchasing manga — i.e, how do they do it without getting a job?
  • …’Cause you know, I could always indulge in more sweets somehow.
  • I’ll get to watching you at some point Parasyte! Honest! No, really, I will watch you!
  • Wendeego points out how anime and Tokusatsu is a bit more closer together than you might have expected. Oh, and Garo and Bahamut are involved somehow.
  • What is the problem of “Meh”? If something is meh, there’s not much more to say about it. I think!
  • You know, I was implored to go check out Princess Kaguya since it’s playing in NYC at NYCC. Well, maybe I should’ve.
  • An interesting story on how an Qatari couple opened the first anime and manga toy store in Qatar.
  • Finally, this week’s Answerman talks about why rape is prevalent in anime especially recently, what’s going on with the first season of Free!, and…anime free on TV?

Tweets That Don’t Mention Hiatus

What the fuck, this game seems AWESOME RT @shinn87: I love yanderes

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50 years from now

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The SJ crew had a chance to chat with Takeshi Obata at NYCC. Listen to our interview in this week's podcast!

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The best way to remember '?’ w

— Sorrows Nepuchuun (@SorrowsNeptune) October 12, 2014

me watching anime boys

— ???????? (@flamingo_chan) October 18, 2014

SPLASH HOME RUN for the kawaii #Giants idols, congratulations Bruce Bochy Manager-san! Let's end the series tonight!

— gia manry (@giapet) October 17, 2014

please obama, please update the statue of liberty so it's more anime and holds a pc-engine duo -your fan, BonksLuvr96

— Sexy Meowser Costume (@Cassandramewn) October 15, 2014

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