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Reference Resource Mondays: No More Conventions Until October Edition

Posted on the 13 July 2015 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG

Reference Resource Mondays: No More Conventions Until October Edition

Needless to say, going to LA for an anime convention has probably been the strangest thing I’ve ever done. And yet, I don’t actually regret it. I was able to talk to a lot of people, even meet up with a writer (which you can hear all about in this sleep-deprived podcast), and get on a plane.

Let us never speak of Thursday’s plane ride ever again.

But aside from that, it was interesting, that is for sure. Whether I’ll go back to AX next year…I guess we’ll see! Anyways, there’s been some interesting reads in the past couple weeks that I missed out on. Welp, now you’ll get to read what I enjoyed!

Some Tweets I and You and Me Missed

Some thoughts on Tokyopop and the comic business in general – Gather round. Tokyopop are doing portfolio…

— Alex de C, at #SDCC! (@alexdecampi) July 4, 2015

#AX2015 is over, I found the best cosplayer #yourwaifuistrash

— Muse (@subduedfangirl) July 2, 2015


— ?????????08b? (@y_yujirushi) July 1, 2015

Is Japanese Anime Finally Making Money Abroad?

— Hollywood Reporter (@THR) July 10, 2015

Hey you! Didya miss the latest ep of Chic Pixel Plus? Better get listening cause a new episode is comin next week!

— Anne Fujosushi Lee (@apricotsushi) July 9, 2015

Barnes & Noble Announces an Expanded Selection of Graphic Novels and Manga, Perfectly Timed with… | Business Wire

— AICN Anime (@aicnanime) July 8, 2015


— Hazu @The Bae's (@Hazukari) July 4, 2015

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