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Referee Escorted Out Of Stadium After San Lorenzo Match

By Simplyfutb01 @simplyjuan11

Diego AbalDiego Abal is always a referee that has been controversial. Ok, he doesn’t have the cavalier petulance of Pablo Lunati or the ineptitude of Sergio Pezzotta; he does come a close second in those categories though.

In the match between San Lorenzo and Colón at the Estadio Pedro Bidegaín, Abal was able to lift the ire of fans from both sides with his performance, although San Lorenzo’s would be taken over the edge after an offside call he refused to call which would result in Ariel Garcé’s equalizer.

The match would result in a 1-1 draw that would set the Ciclón fandom into flames. Their anger was so great that they went about destroying their own home pitch.

The result would keep San Lorenzo at bay as Tigre were also able to get a draw and stay just .03 behind in the relegation table.

In this incident, you do not see only barrabravas involved in the vandalizing of their stadium, average fans were making threatening gestures at Diego Abal and such was the displeasure that the referee had to stay in his dressing room amid the fans not allowing him to exit the stadium.

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