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Redneck Wedding-Too Good to Pass On

By Innstilettos
Redneck Wedding-Too Good to Pass On
I was a little on edge broaching this topic.  Trying to become more open minded about how much the traditional wedding day has been casted aside, I was shocked when I saw that a Redneck Wedding themed nuptial has taken the wedding industry by storm. 
I had the recent occasion to be in the living room with my youngest son while he was watching television.  Busy researching and writing, my full attention was not completely on was he was viewing but it seemed to be a show about hunting.  Then I started listening a little more carefully and it was a show about rednecks.  This was a TV show and my son found this funny?  No, actually he thought it was hysterical. 
So just when I thought I could not dye my hair anymore over heated discussions about flowers and invitations with my daughter...I sighed a breath of relief that this was not her choice of weddings.
Redneck Wedding-Too Good to Pass On
It is certainly not my intention to rain on anyone's happy day but some of these items I stumbled over were just too jaw dropping not to include.  I am not sure if these weddings were planned by a part of this country I have yet to visit or if they are merely so over the top to get a reaction.
Redneck Wedding-Too Good to Pass On
I am not sure what troubles me more about this cake.  The Busch beer cans used for columns to hold the cake up or the tinfoil base.
Redneck Wedding-Too Good to Pass OnWhile this invitation leaves me almost speechless, you have to give them credit for honesty and getting to the point.
Redneck Wedding-Too Good to Pass On  This was my favorite picture.  The bride looks gorgeous in her beautiful white wedding dress with a very pretty professional spray of roses as her bouquet.  Her soon to be husband looks as though she just pulled him off his hunting stand.  What I love most are the billboards as the background. Redneck Wedding-Too Good to Pass On The sad news is I could see my daughter using a John Deere tractor as her get a way "car".  I am now starting to pray she doesn't read this blog. Redneck Wedding-Too Good to Pass OnInteresting concept.  Almost like the Sam's or Boscov's of wedding shopping.  It's nice that you can get your beer and wedding gown in a one stop shop. This whole phenomenon intrigues me.  I would love to hear your input and see any images you might have from weddings you have attended or even your own. Until then...Git Er Dun, (whatever that means) Deborah  

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