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Red and Blue Flowers (Outfit + Video)

By Themowway @themowway
Red and Blue Flowers *
Back from spending a few days in Dublin on a mini holiday with Nino.Hope to get back into the swing of blogging asap, as I have plenty lined up to share!I am always doing my best to learn new skills, so I am currently working hard on Imovie and Youtube... and I must say that they aren't giving me an easy time...
What did you think? Like video outfit posts?Although there aren't many bloggers doing videos, I really like them as you can REALLY see what a certain item/look is like "in movement". Do you know what I mean? Red and Blue Flowers *
Red and Blue Flowers *
Red and Blue Flowers *
Snatched this dress from Blanco Suite when it was on sale 5-6 years ago. A couple of months after, my mom arrived at my place wearing this same dress. And I asked her: "When did I lend it to you?" and she said: "You didn't lend it to me, it's mine..!"My mom and I, we both bought the same dress... haha! Surprising!Red and Blue Flowers *
Looking into the sky, beautiful clouds!
What I wore: Dress + Belt: Blanco Suite
Heels: Mustang
Handbag: Carolina Herrera (Gift from my mum)
Sunnies: TheMowWay Shop (soon)
Jewelry: Primark + H&M
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