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Recognize #26

By Hanumandass @HanumanDass

Recognize #26

Paths lead to somewhere.

Somewhere? Some-Where or Some specific where.

“Some” clearly denotes a distinction: some thing in contrast to some other thing.

So “some-where” points to a particular where, a certain place.

Once you follow a path for a certain time, maybe months, maybe years, you really come to understand what the path is all about. A path is seen to be about path-ness.

Path’s are always about getting to a “where” you want to go. When you get to “where” it becomes clear that “where” is now here.

So paths always lead to here. A the beginning of a path is a here, on the path is a here, at the end of the path is a here.

If you put so much effort into getting here, what’s the point? No matter where you go, how long it takes, how much fun you have getting there, you’ll always end up here.

Now, if you enjoy the journey, that’s fine. Enjoy it, love it, make the most of it. But, don’t delude yourself into thinking you’ll get some-where better than here. Because when you get there, you’re still here.

Here-now is the same as here-yesterday. It will be the same here-tomorrow.

Here is where you are now, here is where you’ll be later.

The disappointment about paths is that you never get somewhere different than here. So you continue to walk the path. Maybe you figure out this path didn’t get to there so you choose another path. But eventually you’ll have to face the reality that the new path isn’t going anywhere new either.

Paths are for going. Paths are for action.

No “going” is needed to get here.

No “action” is required to be right where you are, here.

Re-cognize that the path always leads to here. The only thing that makes it seem  to be somewhere else is the span of time that elapses between leaving here and getting to here.

Within the mind a concept of locality exists. You think you’re here. Time as well comes into play in the mind since you want to go somewhere you’re not. So to get somewhere else it will take time for you to get there.

You – a thought appear here. You want to be somewhere else. So a path arises based on the parameters calculated by the mind that will take you to that somewhere.

There’s only a path as long as you want there to be a path.

Who are you? Where are you? Where can you go that’s not here right now? Outside of a thought in the mind about locality and the concept of time how can a path arise?

What’s the key word in somewhere and there? HERE! The mind attaches distinction to what is always here-ness.

Reflect on this before you set foot on a path. Recognize where it will lead.

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