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Recognize #25

By Hanumandass @HanumanDass

Recognize #25

We see the road before us and desire with all our heart and mind to reach that wonderful sunset that will totally fulfill us.

But as we traverse this road we notice that we never get any closer to that sunset in the distance. We can go faster, meditate more, read more, desire more, but if anything the sunset dips farther below the horizon.

What’s overlooked is the light cast off by the sun that makes our vision of the road and ouselves possible.

That Light is present with us at all times and at all the stops along the road to that sunset of liberation. The arrival is always right here with us.

All that is required to know that we are already there is to recognize the Light. Notice that you are immersed in an ocean of light. This light is the ocean of Awareness that makes all other things including us perceivable.

Without the Light of Awareness we remain in a darkness of nothingness. Recognize the radiance of what alone gives life, what alone can reveal the completeness that you already are.

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