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Recognize #18

By Hanumandass @HanumanDass

It’s Saturday. The weekend. Not to mention Memorial Day weekend. It’s a long weekend for many of us. We will have more free time.

What’s the theme present in all these statements? Time.

Today, since you have a little more time than usual, take a few of those moments to investigate what time means. You’re sitting here reading this blog so you’re right HERE, right NOW.

Where is the past? Is it not only in your memory? Who’s memory is it? Where is this storage facility located?

Where is the future? If the future has not yet come to pass does it have any existence? Are you planning for your future? Sure you can do certain things right now to prepare but will they actually be reality when the future is now? Who’s doing the preparing anyway?

All there really “is” appears right now, right where you are. And this of course is only a veil over what is truly permanent. We can’t take hold of the past or the future. But we can recognize in this ever-present moment what is aware of what is here and now.

Notice that time is a paradigm that only has any applicability within the mind. It appears in the mind on account of the consecutive nature of experience. Each moment, each event, each thought is a frame…a fraction of a nanosecond. When all these apparent moments are strung together the illusion of continuity arises.

With this illusion of time there is an implied experiencer with whom time occurs to. If time is an illusion what happens if it falls away? What happens to the experiencer who thinks of his or her memories? What happens to all the experiences that culminate in the formation of the entity that seems to exist in the present moment?

Recognize that time is an illusory paradigm that contributes in a critical way to the formation of the self-assertion. To be an “I” you must have time. Simply rest in the present moment, notice who you are without any consideration of memory or a potential future. What exists in this ever-present moment? Forget the past, forget the future: who are you right HERE and right NOW?

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