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Recognize #16

By Hanumandass @HanumanDass

Love is the abscence of duality. Positively love is the unity or oneness of all apparent objects. Love manifests as compassion, humility, selflessness, equanimity, forbearance, and so on.

Hate is the presence of division. From this manifests all manner of disquiet, violence, strife, suffering, anxiety, fear, and the like.“Becoming” comes from Being. That is, the activity of becoming emerges from the inactivity of static Beingness. Distinction, division, and separation arise as activity and dissolve back into Awareness as inactivity.

Be – Beingness/Knowingness, a.k.a. Awareness

come – The “I” who is becoming, the actor, all objects – name/form

ing – Doing, activity, movement

= Duality, Separation, Self-hatred, self-love

What if we were to simply strip out the actor who be-comes? What if this doer didn’t show up? What remains?

There would be only: Be – ing

Be – Awareness


ing – Activity appearing upon the surface of Awareness

= Nonduality, Oneness, Self-love, self-love

To go a bit deeper the ultimate ground of both love and being lies beyond categories of love and hate, activity or inactivity, being or non-being. Love is merely the returning of that which is becoming to its original state of being. This original state is a state of love (agape) from the perspective of apparent people trying to get along in the world. To Awareness, to the Self, the nondual, the original state is simply how it is, no love, no hate…blissful benevolence, Self-love. 

Recognize that if you and I are One we can’t act selfishly towards one another. If you are really me, how can I harm you without harming myself. If I love you I’m just loving my-Self. As long as we are going to be coming-and-going we might as well do it truthfully by abiding in the recognition of what we are by nature and enjoy the activity of what manifests as this life.

All this, what we call the world is just Awareness appearing to be not-awareness. The Self loving it-Self. Love manifests as lovers until that love can blossom and return perfected.

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