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Rechnitz Wins Big on Super Bowl Again!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

Rechnitz wins big on Super Bowl again!2 years ago, NY businessman Jona Rechnitz won $50,000 on a frwak play in the Super Bowl whethe Giants beat the Patriots. He bet that the first scoring play of the game would be on a safety in favor of the Giants. he was right, despite it having happened only once before in any Super Bowl. With his odds and his bet, he then won $50,000, which Rechnitz donated to charity.
In 2014 Rechnitz has done it again. He played the same bet, that the game's first score would be a safety. He cashed in on winnings of $25,000 which he said he is donating to charity.
source: Fox Sports
Lightning does strike twice.

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