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Posted on the 07 October 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

Religion says: go forth and multiply
Politics says: we must protect the banks
Finance says: only more bailouts can save us
They say more and more people are out on the streets demonstrating for the RIGHT to 'earn a living'. What absolute bullshit Empire propaganda. Nobody is out on the streets demonstrating to 'remain a slave', that's just wrong. People are (unfortunately) on the receiving end of a Mind War. People are nothing more than the enemy in a marketing scam that ensures that the 0.1% who rule this world for profit and asset are conning You The People into doing their dirty job for them. You're a sap for wanting a job, you're a mark; nothing more to these scamsters.
Why don't you realise that?
The majority of people are begging for a way out of their institutionalised misery. Though they don't realise it, they're sick of the corporate war game where as few as 'seven hundred thousand' v.i.p. employees of the Global Money Machine enjoy 99.9% of the wealth while 99.9% of the seven billion individuals who are not a part of the game get to rot in some derelict shithole sprawling city somewhere unable to pull themselves out of the sewer their lives have become. The entire world is a massive PYRAMID SCHEME, funded by You The Idiot.
"How can you be a slave on a Free Planet?" well, even I can see that it's clearly NOT a free planet. In fact, that's the whole point about this blog.
Does nobody remember this phrase, The Food Chain? Or any chain is only as strong as its Weakest Link? That chain is broken.
Religion demands the Right To Life, all life; at all costs. They're against contraception and mindlesssly promote large families that are a drain on the limited global resources. And governments play to this because they know the more humans they can cram into their 'country's the more they can offset their debt against more loans at better rates. The entire mind-controlled religio-financial system is broken, You The Slave are nothing more than victims of a National Insurance scam.
It's time we stopped funding WARS IN THE NAME OF PROFIT and just went back to basic principles; we are clever (but egotistical) creatures, nothing more.
Let's start to use that intelligence to escape this literal Prison Planet and finally see a Free Planet grow around us, an intelligent place where Creativity, Passion and Kinship are paramount concerns so that we "Don't do this again," to our people, our neighbouring lifeforms, our planet.

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