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Reblogging: Lambing

By David Marsden @anxiousgardener

Here’s the second of an occasional reblogging series from my seven-year catalog of posts.


It’s not as if I need an excuse to go up to Margaret’s farm for a natter and a cup of tea.  She’s my friend.  But in spring, my visits might be a little more regular than usual and last a little longer too.

Reblogging: Lambing

The ewe isn’t that happy about my visit

Margaret’s sheep pens are the place to be in April, full of expectant and new mothers, and I’m often to be found lurking about with my camera, smelling of compost.

Reblogging: Lambing

A lamb more so

But I don’t suppose I shall ever take better photos of Margaret’s lambs than I did three years ago.  On that occasion, I rushed up from The Priory to see my first lamb birth and in the ensuing … well, if you missed the blog post in April 2015, here it is again.


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