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Reasons Why They're Not Calling You Back

By Shanlakes
Reasons why they're not calling you back {pic c/o} 1. They've met someone else
2. They're getting back together with their ex
3. You let her split the check with you
4. You took too long to call or show interest (playing games is so 2012)
5. You weren't affectionate
6. You don't cuddle with him/her after...
7. You remind them of their ex
8. They think you're going to hurt them
9. You're not into sex toys (just kidding) kind of..
10. You weren't affectionate with them. You pulled back really fast when they kissed you, avoided PDA at all costs, you're too hot to cuddle with them, you're too tired to have sex, you're too busy with work to call or text them back, you're late, you cancel on them, you don't make them feel special, etc. These are all things that people do subconsciously, however once someone hits their max of all they can take, that's it. Life gets busy, we get it, but don't be surprised when they hit their wall and stop returning your calls.
11. You couldn't commit to them.
12. They think you have planted seeds in other places; you're a flirt.
13. You were too inconsistent.
14. You came on too strong.
15. They lost their phone, they lost your number, they've been really busy, they're out of the country (bullshit, bullshit, and bullshit). Unless they got hit by a truck and were put into a medically induced coma, there's really no valid excuse. So stop making ones for them.
16.  Or the most realistic one...they're just not that into you. I hate to be blunt but if someone wants to talk to you they will, if someone wants to see you they will, and if they want to be with you at the end of the day...they will. No questions asked. There's no exception to this rule. Not everyone is meant to be together, it's nothing personal. One day you will be thankful that asshole ignored your text! One day someone will walk into your life that will never make you question anything, won't play games, and will without a doubt, every time, call you back.
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