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Reasons My Toddler is Crying...

By Sjay235 @naturalmommainm
If you've ever read the website, Facebook group or book Reasons My Son is Crying you will have seen the great posts from people about more than slightly ridiculous reasons that their toddler is crying. Here are some of my "Reasons Isabelle is Crying"...
I wouldn't let her drive the car
I gave her a yoghurt....after she asked for one
She threw something at me and I asked her not to
Because I gave her the wrong cushion
She had to get dressed
I tried to use the 'wrong' wipes
She wanted me to hid the placemat and I accidentally hid behind it instead
I asked her to step back from the oven, while it was on
I dipped one breadstick in hummus which apparently tainted them all
Her book was finished and she wasn't done reading
Because there were bubbles in the bath. Next day, because there were no bubbles in the bath
I didn't have my hat
She didn't have her gloves on (she won't wear gloves)
She touched the snow and it was cold
Reasons my toddler is crying...

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