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Reamonn Will Never Walk Alone

By Thebhoymcclay @thebhoymcclay7

As the case of young Reamonn Gormley’s murder is taking place in court this week, a lot of emotions and feelings from that tragic evening will come flooding back for many.

One of the most shocking unprovoked attacks I believe in my lifetime, rocked the support and Blantyre community to the core but also created a positive reaction, spirit & togetherness with which was already ingrained in Reamonn’s ethos.

Reamonn will never walk alone

Over 1,000 people on Reamonn's Memorial Walk

The Thai school that he was teaching at voluntarily, teaches the English language through the medium of song, and the amazing ditties are watched by astonishing numbers on YouTube and even just last month showcased on Soccer Am. The charity which is run through the Triamsuksa school is the Good Child Foundation – (I’m sure this isn’t your first time hearing the name but if it is, shame on you) – and they raise money to teach kids with Downs Syndrome in the mainstream school.  The drive behind this started with parents Pun & Paul Lennon who were worried where their own son, Berni, would be educated. They agreed to volunteer to teach English at the school and in return the school was able to start offering places to all children in the surrounding with Downs.

The time given, the values and kindness of this boy will live forever with the kids not just through his songs and teachings but also via a memorial statue set up on the school site which was also funding raised. He can be their inspiration and future hope, but he can also be part of ours. We can all take a leaf out of Reamonn Gormley’s book, not just in our own lives but our children’s – as someone who done so much for others in such a tragically short life.

Reamonn will never walk alone

Reamonn in Thailand with the children

Whenever a new Thai Tims song is uploaded for display I can still visualize the young student at the back of the class in his element listening to the children singing classic Celtic songs. That he took so much enjoyment and fulfillment from the experience is surely a great comfort for his friends and family. We will hopefully witness a small scrape of justice in a Scottish court when his killers are sentenced -  but this will never make amends for the taking of such an amazing young man at a time when he had so much to give back.

Therefore in relation to knife crime, charity and hope for the future we have to campaign, raise money and awareness for the stepping-stones which have been put in place already by the Lennon family & in memory to Reamonn. We will always remember, take heart and know he will always walk with us.

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